Animated for the Today show, NBC-TV, May 11. 1982



From 1976-83, Barbara Created, wrote, and drew MS. LIZ, the first cartoon character symbolizing the liberated woman. She developed a marketing corporation to produce and license products featuring the character. MS. LIZ appeared on mugs, t-shirts, sleepwear, underwear, tote bags, eyeglass cases, and sold over two million greeting cards.
  • MS. LIZ (click on the picture above) appeared on the TODAY SHOW over twenty times.
  • The MS. LIZ comic strip was featured in COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE over fifteen times (and their Spanish edition), as well as other women's magazines including WORKING WOMAN, SELF, and NEW WOMAN.
  • MS. LIZ was licensed out as the spokeswoman for DUPONT LYCRA fabric. An animated two minute film was used as a selling tool for in-store promotion as well as ads running in WOMEN'S WEAR DAILY.