Barbara Slate's
Ms. Liz Greeting Cards

The first line of feminist greeting cards, 1974.
Ms. Liz on NBC's "The Today Show"
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Tough choice, huh? But what will you live on? Fantasize
But you're no bargain either. Gotcha! I have and it's been great.
I also like to send silly cards. You gotta go up and down alot before you see results. But you're so strange I couldn't resist.
Do I have to give you a birthday present too? A postcard from Paris. I can't stand the competition.
But at least you're never boring. Anybody can see, this is a card. Who needs you?
But in case you have, hello again. Lie. Which goes to prove, clean living is highly overrated.
People like us are becoming an endangered species. Save this card and send it to me for my birthday! Or the luckiest accident I ever had.
Just treat me as you would any other fabulous person. and devotion, loyalty and undying love. If I'm lucky.

┬ęBarbara Slate 2011