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Your command of the classroom and ability to raise the creative level of your students in a very short time were awesome to behold! 
Anne Just, Director
                                                                             Great Barrington Libraries




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The textbook for this workshop is
You Can Do a Graphic Novel

  • The Creative Process
  • Write a Character Study
  • Focus on the beginning, middle, end and twist of a story
  • Create Layouts
  • Invitation
  • Exhibition
    After the last workshop, the doors open to parents, friends, relatives, the community, and the local press. Your students show and talk about their work. The "Graphic Novel Exhibition" attracts a lot of attention and often results in newspaper articles. Having artwork in the newspaper is great for a student's self-esteem and for their portfolio.
Here's what students said: Lillie: I definitely enjoyed the workshop. Before I thought of cartooning as a difficult, almost impossible writing and drawing process, but Barbara made the steps so clear it made creating cartoons possible. I liked working with so many intelligent and talented participants. Since I am home schooled, I found it motivating to work with Barbara and the class. The exercises she gave us helped me to keep working. I found myself motivated to think about, and to try, and to work on my cartoons.

Wren: I have been reading comics all my life, but have never known someone who created them. It was awesome to meet her. It was inspiring the way Barbara explained the complicated process of cartooning and made things clear and simple.

Parents of the students wrote: Paul (Alex’s father): I feel very positive and enthusiastic about the workshop. It has increased Alex’s interest in the art form and I see the influence of the workshop in his other artwork as well. As a teacher, Barbara has good engagement with the students and worked with them in a non-judgmental manner.

Lori (Angelica’s stepmother): The workshop has helped Angelica to pay more attention to detail. I also saw her develop more depth in her thinking when she created a character. She tends to be a shy person and drawing and writing gives her an outlet. I feel the workshop has been an answer to a prayer in bringing her out of her shell. Thank you Barbara from the bottom of my heart.

A teacher wrote: Wow!!! What an impressive workshop you led for the children today. Your presentation was fabulous! I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent preparing your class and for the energy, patience, and enthusiasm you brought to the experience. You taught me so much about how to approach narrative writing and how to draw ideas from children and how to support them. The students were mesmerized by the information you shared, by your life experiences, by your knowledge, and by your expertise and talents. Thank you so very much for being willing to be a role model for the kids.Virginia Peterson, Berkshire Country Day School



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